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I create sculptures carved in stone that re-interpret the imagery and conventions of traditional sculpture. In a medium historically used to glorify and immortalize heroic acts, these intimate stone works look inward. They explore personal notions of fear, redemption, impermanence, and the psychological import of everyday objects. In certain works, shifts in scale and isolated key moments from Classical and Medieval artworks are used to create personal monuments to our flawed humanity. In others, pedestals and drapery ennoble seemingly insignificant objects. These still-lives examine the real or imagined importance we place on these humble articles in our daily lives.

In my most recent work, I portray still life objects concealed under a drape. Each object represents a personal fear and only the title reveals what the object is. This presentation, at once abstract and highly rendered, alludes to the disconnect between intellectually knowing what our fears are and the actual experience (sensory, emotional, etc.) of what frightens us. It is our own investigation of and familiarity with these fears that bridge this gap and changes our relationship to them over time.

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