My works are predominantly drawings, often pencil on paper, that stem from my education in mathematics as well as personal experience. They start with a premise - a set of rules and some data, a rendering of a physical or geometric object - which is then rigorously explored in a graphical manner. I construct the works using architectural drafting techniques, with various tools such as rulers, triangles, protractors, and from data often randomly generated by rolling dice or online. Motifs from data visualization, like bar graphs and pie charts, are often employed as well. I refrain from using electronic aids, sometimes completely, and perform many calculations by hand within the works. Elements from my life, such as a childhood playing role playing games or times of economic uncertainty, underlie and flavor the work. The shapes and finishes used, like the segmented fan or gold leafing, come from my interests in fantasy and the decorative arts. I am fascinated with moments that are information-rich but also imbued with a sense of mystery and the unknowable.